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      Dear Zyainists! Zyain server will be have a clean relaunch in the next few weeks, please keep checking back to our forums, facebook and twitter for news and updates!
      In the meanwhile we have added silks to every user to enjoy the server and have fun. Greetings,


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  1. So much faith aaah. #Closed.
  2. I said like - so something similiar to the job points.... I know it's already applied. lol.
  3. It's shut down. Regards
  4. Were not trying to 'fake' anybody, The system always works that way, why - no idea.
  5. Hello, NEC3 was cancelled a long time ago. Regards
  6. C9 is a connection issue, is your problem solved now? Regards
  7. Replied to all tickets today. Regards.
  8. Answered.
  9. Well, Immo event won't come back, but we will think of something else to imply immo's, like job points system. Regards
  10. On what ground it isn't compatible? It's working fine for me.. Regards.
  11. No it doesn't improve when you teleport. Regards.
  12. Read the bottom again, I did reply on that
  13. so much corruption.