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      Dear Zyainists! Zyain server will be have a clean relaunch in the next few weeks, please keep checking back to our forums, facebook and twitter for news and updates!
      In the meanwhile we have added silks to every user to enjoy the server and have fun. Greetings,


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  1. If you haven't checked it out already, take a look at https://www.facebook.com/BlazeGamingNetwork/ for more information about Necros current situation

  2. Hello Pridez i upgrade my D12 +11 2H and it's back to D13+6 adv, when i try to make it +7 it's destroyed how come it's destroyed at +7 adv that's mean at +5 no adv ?!! check it please

  3. Hey, sorry for the recent inactivity but there are multiple reasons in real life for it. Furthermore I cant work on the server without Zico. I will talk to Zico about the future of Necro again but I am not too optimistic about it.
  4. Prodzie , i want to talk with you . send me ur skype or fb account

  5. Sorry for the downtime. I will message Zico to fix the login server.

    1. WizZarD_Hell


      Why No GM or GA Active  ??


  6. Pridez please check game it is bugged we can't open 


  7. Hello Pridez { __N7__ } scammer he take my sheild egy +11 D12 and he Delate this chr now to make new chr please Pridez i need my sheild and if you can't Back my Sheild i will left this game but i don't need this :/ 
    Thx Pridez

    1. __Horus__


      fine my shield is back now ^^ 
      Thx Pridez


  8. Please i have bug in my set sun d13 when i make teleport or restart ( Str & Int lower than nova set d12 )
    i try put set in another character find same problem

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    2. hema


      Now i have full set sun D13 in my inventory

      SRO[2017-03-23 17-22-45]_90.jpg

    3. hema


      i put my set at character ( Look at HP & MP )HP31261 MP 73416

      SRO[2017-03-23 17-23-21]_37.jpg

    4. hema


      when i make teleport HP 29789 MP 71944


  9. can u check 

    it is a new bug 

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    2. arknotradearound?


      if u mean at Q no i dont have it !

    3. arknotradearound?


      do u help me or not? by reset the quest or give me the scroll to lvl up

    4. Pridez


      Please write a support ticket with all those informations as the forum isnt used for such stuff. I will take care of it when I see the ticket with your char name etc.

  10. Pridezy i have a big bug

    1. Pridez


      Tell me about it :D
      I will help you tomorrow with it because I go to bed now. 

    2. Nasser


      My Pet active In Storge! 

    3. Pridez



      We are aware of that bug and will fix it asap

  11. Hello,
    I'm back from vacation now so if you have any questions feel free to message me :)

  12.  Hello..Pridez PLease  my friend have big proplem but he cant make account at fourms .. his account is scammed ,, i think u know him ,, its Pukii his set dg13 scammed and he see it with one call Hellwean .. i need only know others guys open from his ip (Hellwan) ,, please tell me ! its very bad feeling when one scammed ! ,, ty for u <3 

    1. mahmoud


      name ( HellWean ) * sorry 


    2. Yus


      They won't do anything as you have no proof of that, tell your friend to write a ticket explaining everything and he might have a chance.

  13. When are you going to do the H&S event?

  14. What about the H&S event?


    1. Pridez
    2. Sought


      It'll be today or?

  15. Remember to check the giveaway results to see if you won or not!


    In case you won make sure to provide us with a screenshot of your "share" so that we can verfiy that you won without you having to change your privacy settings