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  1. Yus said it already. Note: There already is a threat for Insults/Racism so what about you post any more insults in there instead of creating a new topic for each insult you receive? #Closed.
  2. Tell him to use the unstuck option on the website. His Character is not bugged like the others.
  3. Gimme your Character name.
  4. Yes. I will leave a post on this thread to let you guys know.
  5. Thanks for the report. Will get fixed as soon as possible! But there is one thing, please do NOT open 5 threads for the same problem again! This will only get the forum messy.
  6. What's wrong? You guys can't handle a couple of Shaitans? Just kill them after each Death Bone kill before you leave the area again. Simple solution, right?
  7. Anytime. #Closed EDIT: I just tested it myself and I got a couple of Dodging stones within 30 minutes. You probably had bad luck so just keep going and you will get them!
  8. We will look into that, thank you for the report! If you click on the blue detail button you will see a detailed description of the item you are looking for. Regards, Geb
  9. Thats the point! We wanted to create a Level system where you can barely use a bot
  10. You wont gain Honor buffs by doing your job as a trader/hunter/thief. By doing trades, protecting them or robbing them you gain jop points which you can spend on the upcoming upgrade scrolls for example. In order to get the mentioned honor buffs you have to kill the opposite of your job, for example if you're a hunter or a trader kill thieves, as thief kill hunter/trader. Once you killed enough and you're on the top 3 of your job you will get them but keep in mind that the other people having a big lead since they killed alot already.
  11. Those screenshots are not a valid proof. They are not showing any multiclient abuse. #Closed.
  12. Hello Shieckyred. We are aware of the current situation regarding capture the flag. After the update, which is not far away anymore, there will be another way of obtaining your first jop points! In the meantime Pridez and me giving away 2 JPs to new players to get started. About your point that we can control abusers, yes we could. BUT as you might have noticed we are not online 24/7 which means we simply can't catch every abuser on our own. That is why we have the report section in our forum. Just report a player that is not following our Necro policies and we are going to take care of him/her. Nice to hear that you will bring your friends to necro, keep them coming! Welcome to necro and enjoy your stay. Regards, Geb
  13. Ingame yes, but on the homepage it is not up to date.
  14. At the moment you can only trade between Jangan/Donwhang and Hotan. You can use the normal way or the new route we added.
  15. Seems like your sro_client.exe is missing somehow. Check if the sro_client.exe is blocked by Windows/anti virus or if the file is in quarantine. In that case just allow/unblock the file.