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      Dear Zyainists! Zyain server will be have a clean relaunch in the next few weeks, please keep checking back to our forums, facebook and twitter for news and updates!
      In the meanwhile we have added silks to every user to enjoy the server and have fun. Greetings,


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  1. Hello, today i tried to connect and it says its on maintence, the server is closed?


    DoomDrain from VG

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    2. mohanad1


      The Game Closed Today Why Guy`s?


    3. venen


      Any news??


    4. True_Story


      A Hardware failure and the admin is trying to solve it .

  2. Hi, i already reported this problem so much time ago. I reported to Geb, on forum (on bug section, but it need to be aproved and none of the mods aproved it seems) and no one did anything or commented anything about it It seems the server is dieing slowly...
  3. +1 In my opinion this new system to prevent scam,etc would be very great in all cases. And since it doesnt hurt anyone, when you guys implement the bot for the events maybe should consider implementing this system
  4. The exact time i was going to do apisvfor the quest the server go down lolz

    Hope it go up tomorrow

    Keep the good Work :)

  5. but a 13dg > 12dg+7
  6. I dont understand the problems of plusing your items again. This is a mmorpg. You wasted money? well you can buy everything on this game with effort and patience and gold ingame ofcourse. You took alot of time to do it? Well this is a game, the cap increases like in isro, so its normal if you wanna be the "best" you need to put more time. you dont need to play 24/7 to achieve it.
  7. you could have asked to your guild aswell some players dont look to pt matching. Imagine the situation of 2 players having 6 chares end game equip. 1 or 2 chares of them are on opposite job killing the traders that want to steal the unique from them. and their trades/thiefs are killing the uniques with the bot. Well in my point of view this is not even funny...
  8. then you will see 2 people with their 3 end game chares each one doing them xD
  9. well for fgw i wont aplly this rule since it is "offline" but for temple uniques with last items it dont take that long. and the beauty of a mmo isnt play together with other people instead of botting with 3 chares of the same person? because if it stays as it is now, will be always the same persons to take them
  10. well this rule that dont allow using multiclient is already implemented on fw, ctf and ba.
  11. Hello, My sugestion is to dont allow multiclient on Job temple since the players just go with 2/3 chares and cleans it quickly With that sugestion would make that players would make pt from the same guild/friends/union and do it together.
  12. for me the link is working
  13. just pm [GM]Pridez or [GA]Geb ingame and ask them for the JP they will give you 2 atleast

    this is more like a recomendation but a warning too. I think you guys should update this guide since there are some errors about the spawn of the earth for exemple, for the new members it can lead into mistake. The recomendation is using images of the spawn uniques places and put it into the map of the client. i know that is related with media.pk2 and im sure it would let alot some players without alot of experience on this server
  15. i only had 1 issue while i was trying to update. it appeared like the server were under inspection. but on 2º try it was updating. check your firewall, maybe its blocking the connection between the server and your pc