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      Zyain Relaunch   06/03/2016

      Dear Zyainists! Zyain server will be have a clean relaunch in the next few weeks, please keep checking back to our forums, facebook and twitter for news and updates!
      In the meanwhile we have added silks to every user to enjoy the server and have fun. Greetings,


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  1. Bring server back !!!!
  2. Necro vacations???

  3. WTB China 13 Degree SON rings PM SCORPIOVENEN or leave message here thank you, kisses from MORTE
  4. Lost my job suit , WTT special Hunter suit for special Thief suit, if you have my suit for mistake please give it back lost it at Final Destination, thank you, kisses from MORTE PM SCORPIOVENEN

  5. I always wonder what thief's are doing in front of Merchant NPC ?  :ph34r:

  6. Thieving I personally do not know the benefits of thieving however maybe it could be good to increase the JP income a lil more. Behemoths are expensive transports for thieves to use, therefore I would suggest boosting buffalo to become just like Behemoth but with a lil less HP/movement speed. +1 Kisses from MORTE
  7. Good morning, sorry for that question, will you guys tell me when problem solved? thank you for your attention.
  8. Yes dosen't work either
  9. Hello, please help me release my char SCORPIOVENEN , he is dead at login. Start botton don't work either.
  10. Can't login!!!!!

  11. A thief as only one way to go after stealing a trade, is thief town, i will pay lots of gold for a Behemoth? NO. Of course no, silk pet is not enough to protect 1 single thief against more then 2-3 hunters.
  12. Hi Is it possible to add Behemoth to thief town npc for some JP and gold? Item should not be tradable Kiss from MORTE.
  13. Is insult part of the game?


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    2. FinaL_RuleS


      MORTE ..

      ok there we finish this problem we must now done here 

      and stop talk like a kids we area men here i think that 

      and i never like to have any problems with anyone at the server 

      i like to be good and friends to all people and i love to help all players 

      because like what you say before its just a game 

      and if i make any think bother you i say so sorry and you are brother 

      and your family itss like mine and never like anyone to do that to me 

      so MORTE im so sorry bro and pleas don't be angry at me 

      i really feel bad when some one see me bad 




    3. venen


      Apologies accepted

    4. FinaL_RuleS


      that is kind of you bro and i really feel bad to have problem 

      you person like you

      and i hope after that we be friend in game

      BTW even we friend you free to attack my trade <3333 

  14. I don´t have friend's in Job mode, i attack everyone, please do the same for me. kisses from MORTE

  15. Did i ever said that i love you? Kisses from MORTE hugs from SECURITY <3