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      Zyain Relaunch   06/03/2016

      Dear Zyainists! Zyain server will be have a clean relaunch in the next few weeks, please keep checking back to our forums, facebook and twitter for news and updates!
      In the meanwhile we have added silks to every user to enjoy the server and have fun. Greetings,
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  • Real name: Hussein Hossam
  • Date of birth: 9/11/1997
  • Character name: True_Story
  • What language's do you speak? (Native language first): Arabic & English
  • What is your timezone in GMT? GMT+2
  • What is your experience with SRO in general?: Playing sro for more than 8 years .
  • Do you have any other skills that can help us? (Like; photoshop, SQL, PHP, etc.): I have experience with C , C++ and photoshop and little experience with SQL
  • What can you do as a supporting staff member?: I can do alot like doing events and helping players with everything 
  • How active are you on weekly basis?:  -Almost- everyday , 3~4 hours 
  • Is there anything you would change to our staff/game?: As iam a guild/union master and i have alot of friends in NECRO who left , i can invite them back to it and bring fun to them with my activity and events .  
  • What do you think your main objective is as a GM/GA?: Helping people , doing events , bring fun , answering questions , listening to suggestions and bring them to you and alot
  • Anything you would like to add for us to know?: Yes , I made this application because iam a necro player since 2011 and i want to help this server to survive and back again ( not like old days ) but at least better than new servers nowadays . it will be hard for me as iam a guild master to leave everything but i will do because of NECRO . and i will treat all fairly !
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